I am the sum of my parts . . . 

God has moved in my life through a number of powerful men of God from whom I have benefited greatly. There is nothing new under the sun, as it is said. For that reason, much of what you hear in these lectures is not unique to me. Most of it was likely gleaned from other sources. I want to be transparent about that and share my sources. In terms of biblical scholarship, I have been blessed by the work of Harold Hunter (my father), Craig Keener, David Allen, Malcom Yarnell, Tom Schriner, Johnathan Pritchett, F.F. Bruce, Adam Harwood, Steve Gregg (with whom I have worked), and Bruce Ware.

As for Christian apologetics, William Lane Craig, Michael Licona (a personal friend), Gary Habermas, Norman Geisler, J.P. Moreland, William Dembski, Michael J. Murray, James White, Matt Slick, Alvin Plantinga, and a host of others have impacted my thinking.

Because I have been so impressed with the structure, organization, and delivery of his own audio commentary, I personally made request to Steve Gregg (who has served as a visiting professor for Trinity) that I might follow his model. In fact, he was delighted with the idea that I might largely follow his teaching outline.

Why then, with so much great scholarship already available, would I want to add my voice? There are three reasons. First, I can imagine no more worthy endeavor than to study and proclaim the truths of scripture. Second, though I admire greatly the men listed above, I do not agree with any of them on all things. Third, God has blessed me with a humble audience that does not listen to these other voices.

I hope that you will benefit from this passing on of knowledge.