Who Made God?

To many people, Christianity seems strange, unrealistic, fantastical and just plain weird. This blog is my grand experiment to show why it makes perfect sense without making it too complicated. I’m nobody special – just someone who happens to take this stuff seriously.

Have you ever asked yourself, “If God made everything, then who made God?” If so, your not alone. Not only do Christians ask this question, but many skeptics point out that the idea of God makes no sense because he too seems to need a cause for why he exists. However, this is a misunderstanding, not only about God but also about the way the world is. Whether you believe in God or not, modern science has determined that when the universe began, time began as a part of the natural universe.

“Thus, physics predicts that time was indeed bounded in the past as Augustine claimed. It did not stretch back for all eternity. . . time did not always exist. . .” – Paul Davies, physicist. 

That means that time is a part of what was made. It was a part of creation. Now since Christians believe that God created the universe , he stands outside, and is not a part of it. After all, that’s partly why he had to send Jesus into the world in order to save us from our sin. So if God stands outside of time then he, literally and scientifically, has no beginning and no end. Let’s look at it formally. 

1. Beginning and ending are words that have to do with time

2. Time is a part of the created universe 

3. Things outside of the created universe are outside of time

4. Things outside of time have no beginning or ending

5. God is outside of the created universe because he created it, thus,

6. God has no beginning or ending

So if God has no beginning or ending then the question of who made God makes no sense. You might ask further, “Well, when did God come to exist?” This too is a senseless question since “when” is a term which indicates time as well. 

The best thing about this is that in spite of the fact that it is hard to get your mind around the idea of “no time,” this lines up perfectly with modern science and the Bible. In other words, it makes sense. So the next time you wonder, “who made God?,” you’ll have an answer.