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What would happen if a generation were raised with no knowledge of God? In a dystopian society, led by leaders who call themselves The Adonai, that question is answered. Avoiding a worldwide destruction known as The Great Darkness, a colony was established by social architects in an ice-covered landscape of wonder and mystery. All references to God have been intentionally removed. Nevertheless, the colony's group of peacekeeping defenders are about to be sent on a journey that will throw their world into chaos, and begin a search for the truth. Apologist and author, Dr. Braxton Hunter, delivers equal parts adventure, romance, philosophy, and mystery in this intense novel set in an intriguing environment that echoes current worldview issues.

Scripture is clear that every believer is called to give an answer to anyone who asks a reason for their hope. Sadly, this usually does not happen because churchgoers of every age feel that learning how to give evidences and arguments for the faith is too complicated or confrontational. It’s not! This book represents the author’s best effort at making this subject simple and memorable. CORE FACTS is designed for Christians to memorize and use individually or with existing personal evangelism strategies, but it is also aimed at anyone who is skeptical of Christian beliefs. Examine the evidence with your own eyes.


Christian apologetics has become very popular among 21st Century evangelicals. Unfortunately, it is often enjoyed rather than employed. It is a novelty, or hobby subject for believers who enjoy talking theology and philosophy in the tradition of the Athenian intelligentsia to whom Paul preached in Acts seventeen. When Christian apologetics is employed, it is often misused. Rather than seeking to impact the heart and mind of an individual, a believer who is enamored with Christian defense might use novice approaches to “win” an argument. However, the desire of the church should be for God to win an individual’s heart and mind.

Death is a Doorway
By Braxton Hunter

Is death the end? Will there really be an afterlife? Does the Christian teaching about Heaven actually bring anyone real peace? Having been plagued by such questions, the author set out to find answers. This book is the result of one man's struggle with the certainty of the grave. In the first half, the scriptures are applied in an attempt to develop a Christian view of demise. However, section two draws on the best evidence from philosophy, science, history and personal experience that death is not the end. Throughout the book various types of death are examined and each one is likened to a doorway. If death is a doorway, everyone has their own idea of what it will look like. All of this enables the reader to construct a healthy view of death's door so that they may one day pass gracefully. Whether you are wrestling with the death of a loved one, facing the end of your own life, or live in fear of the grave, Death is a Doorway was written for you.

You know . . . that moment when you're thinking about something deep and everything just clicks? You just got hit with a truthbomb. That's what this book is about. The Chapters are short. The topics are all over the place. The truth hits you like a nuke to the mind. We'll cover miracles, angels, demons, celebrities, atheism, theology, Islam, leadership, bible study, music, Christmas and a whole lot more. These sparky little explosives come from projects that were never finished, blog articles that made an impact and work that just didn't seem to fit anywhere else. get ready to be shell shocked as you head through a scatter of disconnected detonations. Get ready for truthbombs.

Isn't Christianity an antiquated belief? Hasn't science put the last nail in God's coffin? Doesn't religion do more harm than good? Today these and many other questions have led people away from whatever faith they once had. Faith is dead. Or is it? In this book the author explores the worlds of science, philosophy, archaeology and reason to explain that Christian faith is not a fading bulb that will soon burn out, but rather a glaring, undeniable phenomenon attested to by a myriad of blinding lights. It is inescapable! Blinding Lights is one of only a few books of its kind. Rather than tackling only one subject be it the evidence for the existence of God, the deity of Jesus Christ or the dangers of false religions, this book covers all these topics and more in a way that is readable and unerstandable to the layman. Whether you are a skeptic seeking to examine the evidence or a believer who desires more knowledge on the subject, Blinding Lights is the book for you.

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